Application solutions for lifting and handling wood effortlessly

Wood is one of the most important raw materials. People find its properties and beauty fascinating. And yet processing wood is not always straightforward – its surface is often rough and sensitive, while wooden sheets, boards and planks are heavy and bulky.

Product recommendations for the wood industry

Flat vacuum cups for porous products SFU-RT

FIPA SFU-RT series flat vacuum cups for porous products enable the simultaneous suction and selective blow-off of products. A typical application is the stacking of partially air-permeable plate materials, such as chipboards for example.

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Bellows vacuum suction plates Softgrip SBPL-SG

Softgrip bellows suction plates are optimised for the smooth handling of heavy, but sensitive products. These suction cups combine the high stability of flat suction plates with the flexibility of bellows vacuum cups. A supporting block, which is also equipped with a sealing lip, ensures a tight and secure hold. A slight compression of the bellows aids in the smooth handling of the product.

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The benefits for using FIPA solutions for wood

  • Easy movement of heavy and bulky loads up to 230 kg with FIPALIFT tube lifters for ideal handling panels.
  • Largest range of low-marking and highly abrasion-resistant vacuum cups with the most diverse shapes and materials.
  • Ideal sealing for rough surfaces due to specialised vacuum cups for the wood industry.
  • No deformation of thin-walled products due to bracing.
  • Safe handling as a result of vacuum cups with a large diameter and integrated steel or aluminium plates – for light to heavy loads.
  • Multi-chamber ejectors with high suction power for process-safe handling of porous and non-porous materials.
  • Heavy-duty ejectors for an interruption-free vacuum supply, even in the most difficult conditions.

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