Application Solutions for the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry uses vacuum technology for many different tasks, including everything from erecting boxes to handling flexible goods. Vacuum cups designed for the packaging industry must be adaptable to flexible or curved surfaces, be able to compensate for varying heights, and be made of a wear resistant material. Because of this unique combination of requirements, FIPA has several products specially engineered for the packaging industry.

Product Recommendations for the Packing Industry

Vinyl bellows cups

The FIPA SBV vinyl bellows vacuum cups come in 1.5 and 2.5 folds and are designed to adapt to curved or flexible product surfaces. The bellows make it possible to compensate for differences in height. The FIPA SV-SB line is similar to the vinyl bellows cups, also coming in 1.5 and 2.5 folds, but are made with special connections for standard packing machines. These designs provide gentle product handling and smooth suspension. The SV-SB line is available in NR and silicone.

Vinyl oval bellows cups

The FIPA SO-BV line of vinyl oval bellows cups also adapts very well to flexible or curved product surfaces. Compensation for height differences is made possible by the bellows design, which also makes it possible to gently set the product down. These bellow cups are oval shaped and significantly larger in size than the SBV line of bellows cups. Finally, the material itself is wear-resistant, which leads to a long useful life for these bellows cups.

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Varioflex® bellows cups

FIPA Varioflex SP-BX bellows vacuum cups are made with a special type of polyurethane in one of two degrees of hardness: 60° Shore A (black) and 30° Shore A (red). They are available in 1.5 and 2.5 folds and the bellows both compensate for differences in height and adapt readily to curved or flexible product surfaces. These vacuum bellows cups have an excellent service life, are wear resistant, and provide superior retention force to other models. The use of Varioflex bellows cups leads to high process reliability and short cycle times.


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Silicone flat cups

FIPA offers a line of silicone flat cups for use with tubes. The SV-T product line is made from FDA-approved silicone and provides a direct machine connection through pipe mounting. These flat vacuum cups, available with either straight or conical openings, are especially well adapted for handling tubes or cans.

Silicone rectangular bellows cups

Another product line for handling packaging is the FIPA SV-RB silicone rectangular bellows cups. These rectangular vacuum suction cups came with 2.5 or 3.5 folds and work extremely well at products with flexible outer packaging. The vacuum cup material is FDA approved and they are available in two sizes: 52×25 mm or 80×50 mm.

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The Benefits of Using FIPA Solutions for Packaging

  • Engineered especially for use in packaging
  • Designed with wear-resistant materials for maximum service life
  • Readily adapt to flexible or curved surfaces to form a robust seal
  • Bellows cups compensate for differences in height and make it possible to gently set down the product
  • Other product lines are available that are designed especially for use with foils and films

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