New look sprue gripper range

January 2019
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Due to their high closing force, wide jaw opening and compact design, the series 90 grippers reliably grip small sprues. The series 100 is designed to securely grip medium to large sprues. Gap-free closing makes it possible to grip thin, flat sprues. Series 130 grippers impress with strong gripping force and a wide jaw opening – perfect for large sprues. FIPA grippers have a long cycle life thanks to their housing and jaws both consisting of a high-strength aluminum alloy with a durable, corrosion-resistant anodised coating.

Direct and indirect part present monitoring with sensors

FIPA offers grippers both, with and without part present monitoring. Grippers with direct monitoring score extra points with their large-area, mechanical sensor operation. The sensor detects the positive gripping, regardless of the sprue or part’s position in the gripper. Grippers with indirect part monitoring send a signal if no component has been gripped. Some models are equipped with programmable sensors with two teachable outputs. Alternatively, many sprue grippers are available with magnetic sensors. All sensors are available with either PNP or NPN switching output.

HNBR series – gently grip hot plastic parts

Grippers with HNBR soft pads are wear-resistant, temperature-resistant up to 160°C and free of paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS). Due to their soft pads, they leave neither scratches nor damage even on sensitive plastic parts. The HNBR series is therefore ideal for the removal of sensitive plastic parts from injection molds. Worn pads can be replaced in no time. The time-consuming installation and removal of the complete gripper as well as the subsequent test and programming work on the gripper system is eliminated. For the gentle handling of chrome-plated or painted plastic parts FIPA offers the GR04.100HNBR gripper. Thanks to fully-coated HNBR jaws, sensitive surfaces will not mark given occasional contact or impacts of workpieces with the gripper jaws.

FIPA series 90, 100 and 130 grippers at a glance:

  • Wide selection: Perfect for a wide variety of applications in the plastics industry
  • Long cycle life: Gripper jaws and housing made of high-strength aluminum alloy with protective anodised coating
  • Easy to identify: Grippers are marked with red FIPA dot

Models that include sensors:

  • High process reliability: Sensors with direct, indirect and teachable component monitoring available
  • Easy connection to control unit: Sensors with NPN or PNP output

HNBR models:

  • Perfect for demolding hot plastic parts: Temperature-resistant up to 160°C, wear-resistant and free of paint wetting impairment substances (PWIS)
  • Gentle gripping: Exceptionally soft HNBR pads prevent marking or damage
  • Time and cost saving replacement: Easy clip mounting of the pads without removing the grippers

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